A place where entrepreneurs aiming to
establish ICO grow together

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Event Space

Event Space
(with live stream facilities)

Event space that can accommodate about 50 to 60 people. Live stream facilities for real-time, worldwide relay. Event archival possible.

Working Space

Working Space

Free space where you can communicate easily with people with the same concerns. Also available as a meeting space.

Office Space

Office Space

For startups who wish to proceed with projects in separate spaces, we will provide a start-up office in CoinCamp.

Related Book Space

Related Book Space

We have assembled publications about ICO idea creation and business promotion such as marketing, economics and a variety of business books. Also, we can order new books upon request.

CoinCamp provides space for ICO startups to create
new communities while sharing ideas and experiences.
And it has an incubation function that
supports ICO in various forms.

  • Our mission

    It’s difficult to start ICO alone. However, by mutually sharing skills, experiences, knowledge and information, new business possibilities can be born. CoinCamp was created to support entrepreneurs who want to challenge opportunities on a small scale.

  • CoinCamp's Advice,
    Incubation is better?

    We will provide various tools to ensure business success. We will support you with a team specialized in various fields such as preparation of White Papers for ICO, website / community management, legal consultation, technical and promotion support.

  • Place that
    Connects You

    CoinCamp provides space to respect each other's "connection". We will actively develop initiatives that can convey our business, meetings and pitch events for Japanese and foreign investors.

  • Who can use
    this space?

    · Those starting ICO and wanting to make a new innovation.
    · Those who can utilize other's advantages and complement their disadvantages.
    · Those needing a community to solve their problems.


Why not join CoinCamp?

Please feel free to contact us.
Currently, we offer a free service plan as well.